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Day 1

Arrive in Addis Ababa

Arrive in Addis Ababa meet and greet, get assisted for transfer. Hotel Less than 10km to HTL Variable Very simple

Day 2

City tour of Addis Ababa

Briefing about the tour. Hotel Variable Variable Very simple

Day 3

Drive to Arbaminch via Hosaena

: Tiya stelae field UNESCO world heritage site
: Adadi Mariam, the only southerly rock hewn church
: Gurage and Oromo people and their villages. Hotel 432km the longest in the route 8:00 am to 6:00pm with the activities Busy day with long drive and activities, Sandal shoes is good for the drive and sightseeing

Day 4

Full day in Arbaminch

Nech Sar National Park game drive
: Boat trip on Lake Chamo, birding and spotting hippos and crocs. Hotel 70 –80 km round trip to the park. 12 km to the lake in the afternoon 8:00am to 12:30pm for the park. 30 minuets to Lake Chamo Tough driving to the Park with moderate walking. walking shoes is preferable

Day 5

Drive to Jinka

: Tsemay, Bana and Ari people and their villages
: Markets if this day coincides with market days. Hotel 245km 6hours Tough driving with simple walk, Sandal shoes is good for the drive and sightseeing

Day 6

Drive to Mago National Park

: Mursi Tribe, their women are famous for Lip plates and men for ritual fighting with stick
: Game drive. Camping 60 – 80 km 4 hours Tough driving with simple walk. High temperature and humidity. Sandal shoes is OK

Day 7

Drive to Turmi, principal town of the Hamer

On the way Moguji and Karo People. camping 120km 5 hours Tough drive through the bush, warmer route sandal shoes is ok

Day 8

Full day in Turmi

Excursion to Omorate for the Dasenech tribe
: Turmi market (Thursday)
: Boating on the Omo River
: Hamer tribe and their villages
: Tribal dance or Bull Jumping rite, occasional and optional. Camping 70km to Omorate 38 km to Dimeka market 2 hours to Omorate and 1 hour to Dimeka market Moderate walking within the market and to the villages. Walking shoes required

Day 9

Drive to Yabello via Konso

Visiting on the way Erbore and Konso tribes. Hotel 295km 6 hours drive Moderate, walking shoes is better

Day 10

Singing Well, age old technique of watering cattle by the Borena tribe

Afterwards drive to Aregash Eco Lodge at Yirgalem. Hotel 256 – 305 km 5 - 6 hours drive Simple, sandal shoes is Ok

Day 11

Drive to Bale via Awassa

: Stop for fish Market at Awassa and for birding
: continue to Bale
: Dinsho, head quarter Bale Mountains National Park
: Walk in the forest and watch endemic mammals and birds from close distance. Hotel 269km 6 to 7 hours. Rough gravel road Moderate drive with no lengthy walk. Walking shoes is required.

Day 12

Drive to Sanetti Plateau, alpine moorland

Game drive, specially endemic and rarest species of Ethiopian Wolf and many endemic birds and plants.
: Hiking in the park. Hotel 70 – 120 km round drive 3 – 5 hours Tough driving within the park. The Walk is based on interest from simple to more physical type hiking

Day 13

Drive to Sof Omer cave

Drive to Sof Omer cave, one of the most spectacular and extensive underground caverns in the world.
: Drive to Lake Langano for overnight stop. Hotel 343 km 7 hours Tough driving to the cave. The Walk in the cave is based on interest from moderate to more adventurous hiking.

Day 14

Walk around the lake and in the nearby forest

: Abyata-Shalla National park
: Afterwards drive back to Addis Ababa
: Retire the remaining day
: Moreover in the evening Ethiopian traditional night with tribal dance and music show. Hotel 240km 5 hours Simple, sandal shoes is ok

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