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Bona-fide Ethiopia Tours is a privately owned local tour operator, run by a highly qualified management team of experts who are talented, knowledgeable and competent. We are able to handle all your travel needs and requirements. Using the knowledge and expertise of our team, which we have gained through years of experience, we will set up a trip that is unique to your interests, travel style, time, and budget. We know that different people have different travel needs, interests and expectations. Because we take the time to find out what kind of experience you are looking for, we can create a trip that is just right for you.

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About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a land of everlasting mysteries in its geology, in the variety of its animal and plant life, in its tumultuous national history and the well-off culture of its people.
House of worship scholars reckon Ethiopian History spans 7,506 years going by its own chronology and calendar, from the time of Genesis to the current.

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Managing Director: Temesgen Agumas
Mobile: +251 918 026386 / 923 439870
P.O.Box: 1260
Address: Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Email: info@bona-fideethiopiatours.com , temesgean@yahoo.com