Trekking Tour in Ethiopia


Trekking In The Semien Mountains - Semien Mountains National Park
The Simien range lies north of Gonder. It is one of Africa’s largest mountain ranges many of its peak rise above 4000m and mount Ras Dejen (4543m) is the highest point in Ethiopia and the fourth largest peak in Africa. The western side of the range designated as the semen mountain national park. It is UNESCO world heritage and the habitat of big endemic mammals like Walya Ibex, Gelada baboon and the rare Simien fox. And different bird species, including Lammergeyer. Of the flora many of which are indigenous, the Giant Lobelia, Haygenia Abysinica, Abyssinian Wild Rose and many more. The semen mountain is not only as nature but it is also as cultural encounter. It is among the few places in the world that you find people living on such high altitudes.
It is the total sum of these semen mountains ranges has given Ethiopia the name: THE ROOF OF AFRICA!
On our trek, in the Semien Mountains, we immerse ourselves in the spectacular scenery of rocky plateaus, spires, mesas and deep gorges. By contrast, frieTo expand your experience of Ethiopia into a broader level, the Medieval Castles of Gonder and The marvelous Rock Churches of Lalibela are included in this mainly trekking trip.
The extraordinary rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are one of the most fascinating architectural sites of Africa. Carved out of solid rock in the 12th century, the churches are described by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and by many as the 'Eighth Wonder of the World'. After visiting the mediaeval castles at Gondar, we head into the Simien Mountains for a spectacular trek.
Amhara farmers inhabit villages connected by rough tracks and terraced fields. Mules carry our food, equipment and personal gear.

Duration: 11 days
Day 01 : arrive in Addis Ababa. Hotel
Day 02 : Fly from Addis Ababa to Gonder. On arrival head to debark gateway to the Semien mountain national park. Before reaching Sankaber our destination today short acclimatization trek to sankaber. Camping
Day 03 : Trek sankaber to Geech (4-5 hours). Camping
Day 04 :Geech to Chenek (6 to 7 hrs). Camping
Day 05 : Chenek to Ambiqwa (7 to 9 hrs). Camping
Day 06 : Ambiqwa to Ras Dashen and retrace back to Ambiqwa (7-8 hrs). Camping
Day 07 : Ambiqwa to chenek (8-9 hrs). Camping
Day 8 :Chenek to Gonder. In the afternoon visit the 16th c. palace compound of King Fasiledes, the bath of king Fasiledes and the 18th c. church of Debre Birhan Selassie. Hotel.
Day 9 : fly to Lalibela – the remarkable 11 monolithic churches, UNESCO world heritage site even described better as the eighth wonders by many authors. Hotel
Day 10 : Lalibela - the eastern churches in the morning we trek to Asheton Mountain (2 hrs) about 4ooo m and visit Asheton Mariam rock church on the top of the mountain. Hotel
Day 11 : Fly back to Addis Ababa. Optional activities before departure. More over in the Evening a fare well dinner party in one of the traditional Ethiopian restaurant with music and dances from different ethnic groups. The End